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How do I reset Yahoo password

Are you facing trouble while access your Yahoo mail or forgot your yahoo ID? or even forgot yahoo password? And seeing for yahoo account recovery Then you have arrived on the right page you can Get the resolutions from here. And if you wanna know about how to set up yahoo account then also you can learn through our blog, Well it is really easy to reset your Yahoo account password from your mobile or computer device if your account’s contact info is up to date and If you Lost your Yahoo mail password and your connection information is not updated, Then you can watch the below steps to reset your Yahoo password. If you don’t have time to follow these steps are, you can still call our Yahoo Account recovery support number for Quick instant help.

Forgot Yahoo password? Here’s the solution that you should do

The primary step before resetting your Yahoo password is that you should verify that you are using the right password or Yahoo id or not and there should be no typographical mistakes in the entries (get assured that your caps lock and number lock keys are used as needed). If you have checked and sure regarding the zero typographical mistakes and still can’t remember your Id or password, then here are some easy steps to reset Yahoo password.

  1. Open first, put your Yahoo email address and click on “Continue”
  2. Later on next page tick “Forgot Password” this will open “Let’s get you in to your account” page
  3. Now set your Yahoo mail address and bang “Continue”
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code if mentioned and click “Submit”
  5. Now in sequence to reset your Yahoo mail password, you will require verifying your identification by using any of the below options:

Alternative email address: If you have an alternate email address in your account, then you can get a confirmation code to recover your Yahoo mail password.

Mobile Number: If you are having your mobile number on file and you can get the text message on the listed number, Then click “Yes, text me a code”. Yahoo will send a verifying code to your telephone. Enter that verification code in the blank box and tap “Verify”. Soon you can create a new password for your Yahoo account.

Security Questions: This option you can only notice if you have secret questions on file with Yahoo. Once you fixed the right answers to the security questions, you can quickly change your Yahoo mail password.

Few Essential Steps to remember about Yahoo password recovery

  1. First and the important thing is always used the strong new password for your Yahoo mail account.
  2. If your Yahoo mail account is not used for 30 days, Yahoo will count it as discontinued or unused. Unused Yahoo account often gets extracted from the server, making account recovery next to impossible.
  3. You will need to updating your new sign-in password on your mobile apps as they won’t refresh automatically.
  4. Yahoo Account Has Been Hacked – If you observe that your old password was not running due to spamming or hacking, reach Yahoo customer care number immediately.
  5. Update your new contact information (Mobile Number & Alternate email address) in your Yahoo account if required.
  6. If you think someone other was using your account, we suggest changing your security questions and review your account perspective

How to Reset Yahoo Password Without Security Question

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Why You Have To Face Hotmail Login Problem

3 Things to Consider When Hiring Computer Repair Experts

In today’s time where almost everything is automated, computer malfunctions is taxing and strenuous. This not only delays the reports, projects and important tasks but major operations of the business also suffer. It is for this very reason, it is important to get computer repair services at the time of technical glitches.
Nowadays, computers are used to produce reports, make computations, play games and communicate with people who are based in far locations. If we talk about ways a PC can break down or undergo malfunction, they are too many to count. Hiring the expert technicians is an easy way to get every problem fixed no matter now complex it is.
With a number of computer repair professionals available these days, it is quite tricky to decide who can help the expected way. Below are listed 3 tips that will help everyone make the right choice and hire the best professionals. Whether your PC is old or new, these tips are useful for both.
Let’s get started…1. As a PC is important for the user and is quite expensive, one has to be extremely careful in selecting the right technicians. Now when we talk about experts, the first and foremost thing that needs to be considered is their experience. One should choose the technician who has years of expertise in dealing with almost every errors irrespective of computer’s brand, make and model.
2. Quality of services is the second factor that needs to be considered. Always go for technician who can repair the faults 24/7 and that too at affordable price.
3. Next comes being particular about hiring the licensed and accredited professionals. This is important because genuine experts do everything the right way and refrain from doing poor job and provide state of the art solutions.
So, these are few things to be considered when looking for PC or Computer Support repair experts. One of the best ways to contact them is taking suggestions from friends and colleagues who have taken these services before.

Last but not the least, it is quite understood that delaying the matter complicates the situations. Hence, to stay away from this, get the needed help right on time and get back to work. Email This


Fix Printer not responding on Windows 10

As the printer becomes more and more popular among Windows 10 users, many of you complained that your printer is out of work or cannot print correctly as you wish it be.



It has been proved by many that printer stops working suddenly is caused either by the printer connection error or the printer driver issues on Windows 10.

So when you are experiencing the printer problems on Windows 10, channel your attention to this post, which will focus on teaching you to fix the printer not working on Windows 10 issue in terms of printer connection and driver on Windows 10.

Solution 1: Check Printer Connection

In the first place, you must make sure that you have turned the printer on and it is connected to the PC if you have to use your printer on the internet. It is to say you have to avoid the possibility that it is your faulty printer device setting that results in your printer not working on Windows 10.

1. Check if you have connected the printer USB cable to the PC.

2. Check if your printer electrical cord is plugged into the outlet.

3. Check if you have turned the Printer on.

Meanwhile, if you are wireless printer users, you are supposed to make sure your printer wireless option is chosen and available.

All checked, but the printer still fails to print or to work on Windows 10, maybe you are in very much need to remove and connect your printer to your PC for several times to see if you are able to let the printer work.

Solution 2: Remove and Reconnect Printer

As mentioned before, it is recommendable that you try to reconnect the printer to your computer for many times. Since the functionality of the printer may have been impaired gradually as you used it for many years. Therefore, try to remove and reconnect your printer to the PC for several more times. You will be surprised at the result that your printer not printing or working issue has been solved in this way.

To remove the Printer, go along as the path:

Start > Settings > Devices > Printers and scanners > Remove device.

remove device

Here you should make sure that you have targeted to the problematic printer and under it click the Remove device to uninstall it from your PC.

To Reconnect the printer to PC, do the following things.

Start > Settings > Devices > Printers and Scanners > Add a device.

add a device printer

As long as you have added and removed the printer for many times, it may be working well on Windows 10. If not, you would better continue to fix the printer out of work furtherly.

Solution 3: Uninstall Printer Driver

Printer stops working after Windows 10 update, which can in large sense be caused by the outmoded or corrupted printer driver. Hence you are prompted here to remove the problematic driver for your HP, Brother, or Epson printer. And then download an updated printer driver so as to fix printer not working on Windows 10.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. Expand Print queues and then right click the printer driver to Uninstall device.

3. Confirm to Uninstall your printer driver from Windows 10.

After that, of course, it is up to you whether to restart PC to reinstall the printer driver. But you would better move on to update HP printer driver or any other printer drivers for the purpose of fixing printer not connected or connected not working error on Windows 10.

Solution 4: Update Printer Driver

Now, after you have tried to examine the connection of the printer on Windows 10, but to no avail. It is certain that the cause of the not working or printing printer is due to the damaged or corrupted or missing printer driver on Windows 10.  In this case, updating the printer driver on Windows 10 is necessary for you.

Solution 5: Run Printer Troubleshooter

If your printer is still out of work, you may as well resort to Microsoft troubleshooter for printer to detect and fix printing issues.

1. Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security.

2. Under Troubleshoot, aim at Printer and then choose to Run the troubleshooter.

run printer troubleshooter

Hope Windows 10 troubleshooter can figure out why your printer stops working or can’t be detected by the PC and fix the printing problems for you if possible.

As you can see, when you tried to check the printer settings on Windows 10 and update the printer driver to the latest, there is no doubt the printer problems fixed in this way.

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How do I fix Yahoo Mail Problems

Here, we are going to discuss yahoo mail not working issues and how to fix yahoo mail login problems in detail.


Many users still love Yahoo, isn’t it? Well, even the best of us aren’t an exception to the rules and neither is Yahoo. And, that is the reason sometimes, Yahoo users face technical issues and fail to deliver mails.

Yahoo Mail Login Problems And How To Fix It.

Just follow the given step by step instruction.

Sit back and relax, there is no need to worry as every illness has a cure. And, in this case, it’s an easy one.

Well, there are a lot of reasons behind why an email service would face glitches. And the answer for this could be due to your outdated browser, or maybe your ad blocker interfering with the emails or security concern.  So, whatever it may be, Yahoo provides a magic wand that fixes everything.

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Quick Fix tool Yahoo

This is the best tool you can use to fix your Yahoo mail issues. With the help of this tool, you can simply scan your mail account and fix all the common problems that you are encountering or may encounter.

Steps for How to run the scan

  • At first, you need to go to the ‘Yahoo Mail Quick Fix tool’.
  • Next, select the problem you are facing
  • Now, you need to submit alternate email id.
  • After that verify the entered id simply by entering the verification code.
  • And, then create a request.
  • After that, once the scan is completed, Yahoo would already have resolved all the common issues and sent the findings to the alternative email address.

In case if the issue still persists then here are a few more possible problems and their solutions.

Ad Block Yahoo mail

It is found that in some cases, ad blocks can interfere with email’s functioning. So, you need to understand that ad block removes ads by adding codes to your inbox, which can show you the negative impacts. Therefore, all you need to do in order to resolve this issue is white list Yahoo.

Browser issues

As most of Yahoo is based online, it works best on the latest version of browsers. This is the reason, sometimes outdated browsers interfere with Yahoo email service. Hence, you can update your browser to the latest version to avoid this issue.

Yahoo Mail Quick fix tool

Each time you run into a problem along with your Yahoo mail service, you should have questioned if there was something obtainable to help you out. As a rely on reality, almost all tech and service groups have customer support call centers, with service representatives waiting, that will help you out with any difficulty you are probably having.

You’ve got a number of essential data stored for your online email platform. On account that Yahoo provides a secure platform for mail service, it also allows its user after they face issues with their online services. There are loads of things that could go incorrect, your account can get hacked, you can forget about the password, etc. Happily, no matter what trouble you’ve got, the Yahoo mail Quick fix tool will assist you to resolve it.

Quick Fix tool is Yahoo Mail furnished a utility to assist solve consumer issues with the service. You can use this tool with your yahoo online account to scan and solve common issues. This app can stumble on and fix most of the issues with the service. When the app cannot fix the problem itself, it’s going to provide you with steps on how you could troubleshoot the problem. Other instances, it’ll give you hints on how you could optimize your experience online.

Issues in Quick Fix has resolved already

  • I am having problem sending and receiving emails on Yahoo
  • There are some errors or briefly get entry to hassle with my email account
  • There may be a difficulty with missing or deleted emails
  • My email account is unable to discover mails
  • System problems affecting POP or IMAP get entry to

How Quick Fix Tool Works

If you have efficiently hooked up the Yahoo quick repair tool in your device then you can test your yahoo mail service for any hassle. Once the test is carried out, you will acquire an email with the findings, fixes, options, and guidelines you can take. You could eliminate any hassle together with your Yahoo email service with this tool.

Users regularly ask the way to run a scan on this device. That is a very good question and so one can be replied right away. To run an experiment the usage of Quick fix tool for your Yahoo email account:

  • Visit your account
  • Go to the Yahoo Mail Quick Fix tool
  • Choose the problem from the choice
  • Then enter a change e-mail address(the one you want to finding to be dispatched)
  • Enter the code
  • Click on Create a request for beginning the test
Yahoo mail quick fix: Common solutions

One of the most prominent digital mailing services, Yahoo Mail gives a pinnacle-great feature to its customers, be it for your personal or professional verbal exchange necessities. It has been a pioneer of the early net generation since the 90s.

However, if you have been the use of the service for a while now, you will have already witnessed some technical system defects with the Yahoo now and again. Just because Yahoo is one in every of the biggest email provider company, does no longer imply it can not have troubles. All online services face these troubles once in a while. You too might also face similar troubles even as sending or receiving.

Thankfully, now there are matters you could do to resolve these problems all through your self. But, if you aren’t tech savvy sufficient to attempt the troubleshooting strategies on your very own, you could continually rely upon calling yahoo customer service that will help you out. However, first, allow’s try “Yahoo Mail Quick Fix Tool” to restore the common problems with the service.

Quick Fix tool is now to be had for any Yahoo Mail user to test and navigate for the troubles they are having and use it to clear up their issues.

You may use the Quick Fix tool if you are having the following issues with Yahoo:
  • Getting an error message
  • Trouble solving brief get admission to errors code with Yahoo
  • Issues sending or receiving e-mail

Generally, the Yahoo Quick Fix tool takes a few hours to finish the scan and strive robotically correcting the problems following the suggestions. However, as soon as the test is entire, the service sends an e-mail in your opportunity email cope with, which you deliver on the time of creating the account, with the findings of the scan and tips.

These are the things you need to do in order to get admission to Yahoo quick tool:

  • Run a scan on your account
  • Go to Yahoo Mail Quick Fix tool
  • Pick out the hassle you’re having
  • Enter an alternate email address
  • Input verification code dispatched to the alternative e-mail
  • Click Create Request


Google is the world’s number one search engine. There are various other search engines like- Yahoo or Bing, but Google is at the top position among all other search engines. The one word which is used to describe Google is –‘Omniscient’ as Google knows everything.

Based out in United States, Google has most of its services as free while some advanced services are available as paid service.


Issues with Google


Google mail configuration issues Google account not working Unable to sign in to Google account Password related issues with Google Sync issues with Google mail account Issues with Google app Google drive issues Google Customer Support


Google live chat support is available round the clock throughout the year. You just need to dial the toll free number and the experienced tech support executives will guide you to fix your issues in an instant. The technicians are dedicated towards solving the issues frequently and helping them in overcoming the technical problems.


Best Helpline and Online Support for Google Technical Error


Users can call the on the Google Tech support number to get proper resolution for their issues. The toll free number is the one stop solution for the users facing problems in their Google account; whether it is their mail account or any other Google services. You get fast, reliable, and genuine support from the highly experienced technicians of Google. No matter in which region you are in the world, Google tech support is available for you throughout the world through the toll free number.


Google technical support team –The Google technical team is a set of team who are certified by Google to lend a helping hand for the concern the team provides support at different levels –


· Bronze – This support is provided to all Google customers which include service upgrade , billing assistance , documentation if need be , online assistance and forum help


· Silver – although it includes all the services provided at the basic level in addition they are offered some personal assistance such as contact in P1 Priority Support request under which the individual will be given the response within the span of hours and they are contact with in the hours of operation P2,P3and P4 Priority support request under this the individual is responded within 8 hours and during the hours of operation


· Gold – all it includes the basic assistance and the personal assistance provided in silver in addition they are given support24*7


· Platinum – It includes all the services provided in Gold as well as unlimited designated contacts and they are ensured that the response is quick as for P1 Priority Support request the response time is of 15 minutes and are responded 24*7..


One call get the technical support team assistance by dialing the Google technical support phone number and the concern will be dealt depending on which level they have opt for

Why Choose Google support phone number – if the individual has some concern using the services rather that looking for the any other option one can simply opt to seek help from the Google support phone number mainly because of the following reasons..


· One can seek live help through the Google representative who will ensure the concern is dealt quickly and aptly

· The assistance is provided in 14 languages

· They will look into all the problems related to Google account

· One can provide the feedback as well which help everyone to get the best services




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Recover Yahoo Password without Phone Number and Email

Yahoo mail is one of the oldest, trusted yet useful web email service. Developed by company Yahoo in 1997, Yahoo mail was introduced as an excellent platform to send and receive emails. Be it a business email, educational email, plain text email, it has now become a primary choice to communicate over the web. Figuring out its users, it has millions of users who use it to send emails and chat across their community. It is globally known for the world-class services it offers to its customers for Yahoo Email Recovery.

Talking about its features, it has highly active filters, disposable email address, large storage capacity and its range of customization option pleased customers in every possible manner. To resolve user’s queries and their doubts, it runs its support service which is 24/7 available. For any concern and doubt, one can contact its service team which is ever ready to assist its valuable clients. They further help customers with yahoo account recovery.

Steps to Recover Yahoo Password without Phone Number and Associated Email

Follow the steps and recover your Yahoo email password in minutes only.

  1. Visit Yahoo Sign in Page: – Visit official Yahoo account sign-in section. Now, click on the need help button sign in button. It will redirect you to the next page.
  2. Click on ‘I don’t remember password’:- Make a click on ‘I don’t remember my password’ button.
  3. Enter Yahoo Email ID: – Now, enter your Yahoo email ID and proceed for the next step. Enter the email which you used to create a Yahoo account.
  4. Click on ‘options for password recover’ button: – Once you click on it, you will have 3 options to choose. Recover Yahoo Password through mobile phone number, alternate email address, and secret question.
  5. Choose the ‘secret question’ option: – In this option, you will be asked a few secret questions. Answer all those questions correctly, solve the captcha and you will get an option to create a new password.

Do this and get rid of this issue. If you are unable to apply these steps then dial Yahoo Phone Number and get quick assistance.

How to Contact Yahoo Customer Service?

We often come across situations when we require assistance in regards to the service we are availing. In this fast-paced world where everything has become online, availing a quick helpful service is a no big deal. All we require is to know the correct source and our issue can get resolved in minutes only. To know How To Recover Yahoo Password, opt for the below-listed ways and get your recover your password within a short span of time.

Yahoo Helpline Number: – Yahoo offers 24/7 active helpline number for all their users. If you too have some sort of issue to get resolved, then make a call on their helpline number and connect with an experienced technician. 


Useful Tips to Secure Yahoo Mail Account from Hackers

Emails are crucial thus; require best practice to safeguard it. Take a look at some of the useful tips which are used to make your account safe from hackers. For better assistance, dial 1-844-901-7111 and communicate with experts.

  1. Never use public computers to log in your Yahoo Email account.
  2. Never share your password with anyone.
  3. Always clean cache and cookies from your browser before logging out your session.
  4. Keep changing your password from time to time as it makes your account safe.
  5. Always create a password in alphanumeric letters as they are hard to guess by anyone.

Follow these steps and make your Yahoo email safe from being hacked by anyone. In case, you have forgotten your password and looking to How to change Yahoo Password, then try out the given solution or get in touch with Yahoo officials.

Summary:- The article consists of a piece of brief information about recovering the Yahoo password. It contains the steps to recover it. Further information includes useful tips to secure Yahoo account, Yahoo mail recovery option and more.

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How to Fix Google Chrome Keeps Crashing

How to fix Google Chrome Keeps Crashing Issue: Google chrome is one of the most trusted and widely used web browser. Whenever I buy a new laptop, the first thing I do is to install Google Chrome on my system. I am pretty sure that most of you do the same. Then we use the Google Chrome to download other important software for our system. Well, Google Chrome is so easy to use that almost all of us just love it. I, personally, am a big fan of Google Chrome.

Well, since you are reading this article, I am pretty much assuming that Google Chrome keeps crashing for you as well. In such a case, you need not worry at all because we are here to rescue. In this article, we will be giving you a number of methods by which you can get rid of this issue and use the Google Chrome seamlessly. So let us not waste any time further and jump directly to the methods given below to get rid of Google Chrome’s frequently crashing issue.


In this section, you will get a bunch of methods to resolve this issue. So just follow along and implement these methods to solve Google Chrome keeps crashing issue.


Well, the most common cause of Google Chrome’s crashing is the lack of memory. If Google Chrome doesn’t find sufficient memory (RAM), it will crash. And this happens for any other software as well. Every software requires a significant amount of memory to run. Otherwise, it will crash as well. So, in this method, we will try to free some memory for Google Chrome to run properly. Follow the methods given below:

  • Close every tab on Google Chrome except the one which is showing the error message.
  • Quit all the other apps that you don’t require right now so that we can free up some space for Google Chrome.
  • If you are downloading something, pause it for a while.
  • Now uninstall the extensions that are no longer required. This is very important and you must do it.
  • Now try to reload the tab that was crashing. Hopefully, it should load now.

If this method is not able to fix Google Chrome Keeps Crashing issue, do not worry. We have a lot of methods that can surely fix this issue. So keep following.


With Google Chrome’s settings page, you can clean Google Chrome and search for malware on your system as well. This is one of the potential methods to resolve the crashing problem. We have listed the steps below:

  • Launch Chrome on your system.
  • Click on the 3 dots at the upper right corner and click on Settings. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom to find the Advanced link and click on it.
  • Again scroll down to the bottom and under Reset and Clean Up section, click on Clean up computer tab.
  • Now click on Find. 
  • This will start scanning your system for harmful malware and unwanted software. Just click on Remove if you are asked to remove an unwanted software.
  • Wait for the scanning to complete. Once done, restart your system and check if the crashing problem still persists.

If cleaning up computer through Google Chrome did not work, it is better to reset Google Chrome settings on your system. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Go till Advanced link as we did in step 1.
  • Click on Reset Settings tab. Please note that this will restore the settings to their original defaults.
  • Now it will ask for your confirmation. Just click on Reset button. That’s all.
  • Wait for the reset operation to complete. Chrome should not crash now.

There are a number of instances where a corrupted profile causes the Google Chrome to crash. In such a case, we should add a new user profile on Chrome and switch to that profile. This can very well fix the Google Chrome keeps crashing issue once and for all. So follow these simple steps to add a new user profile on Google Chrome.

  • Open Google Chrome on your system.
  • Click on Menu (3 dots) at the upper right corner and then click on Settings.
  • UnderPeople section, click on Manage other people tab.
  • This will open a new pop up window. On the lower right corner, click on ADD PERSON button.
  • Here, you can choose a name and a photo that you want to assign it to the new user.
  • Now click on Save button. This will open a new window which will ask you to sign in. There is no need to sign in. So, just click on No Thanks button.
  • Now go back to the Settings page and click on Manage other people under People section.
  • Click on the new user you created to switch to this new user profile.
  • Now check if the crashing problem still persists.

Windows operating system has an inbuilt command called sfc that scans your entire computer for suspicious system files and dll files and replaces them with the correct and latest ones. We have developed an easy to use guide to make use of sfc command. Just follow this guide to scan your system.

This can also fix Google Chrome keeps crashing issue. Just make sure you follow the steps carefully and open the command prompt as Administrator only.

Well, that is all that we have got. We hope you were able to get rid of the Google Chrome’s crashing issue. We hope you liked this article on How to fix Google Chrome Keeps Crashing issue. If you want some other assistance or you are still stuck at crashing issue, feel free to reach out to via comments or Contact Us page. We will be very happy to help you. Thanks.

How to Block Pop-Ups Ads in Google Chrome Browser

By default, Google Chrome blocks pop-ups from automatically showing up on your screen. When a pop-up is blocked, the address bar will be marked Pop-ups blocked chrome pop-up blocked.

But If you still see Pop-ups in Google Chrome browser, try this method. In this post we show you how can you block Popups in Google Chrome Browser from Settings and Chrome Extension.

1. Open Google Chrome Browser

2. At the top right corner, click the Menu icon and select Settings.

Google Chrome Settings

3. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings.

Google Chrome Advanced Settings

4. Under “Privacy,” click Content settings.

5. Under “Pop-ups,” select an option:
Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)

Block Pop-ups from Chrome Extension

Pop-up Blocker Pro Extension

This is one of my favourite chrome extension for blocking Popup in Chrome Browser.

Blocks unwanted popups and popunders on sites you visit from this Chrome Extension.


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How To Recover Your Google account with https-g-co-recover-for-help/

When we forget something we usually search for the solutions and in case of that, we should know the recover Google account method if you have to recover Google account. To fix the issue of recovering Google account password you can go with for help.

In case if you forget the password or if it is hacked then you can use this link.

First, you will be asked for your email id and then you will have to click on the forgot password link.

Then you will be taken to a page where you will be asked for verification method using email or phone.

So then you have to choose any one method that is email or phone recovery to receive an authentication message.

And after choosing any one method you will receive the code which you will have to enter it manually in the place asked.

After entering it you will be taken to the page where you will find a box for entering the new password.

The password must be entered in two boxes to confirm it.

Once the new password is entered you will have to click on continue to set the password.

Finally, you will be taken to the home page of Google then you can use the new password and log into your account.

In case if you don’t have access to recovery phone either on email, then you have to click on have access to none then you will be asked to answer the security questions after that click on next and then you will be taken to the page to set the password then the steps are same as the above one.

So this is the way to recover Google account

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